Brits in Oklahoma

British Stores in Oklahoma - Food and Drink

There are various options for purchasing British food in Oklahoma, some of which apply to the whole USA as they're online, and some you can visit. Here are a few to try.


For the things that travel easily mail order, you can always use Amazon. The things I've found that do well include...

During the red hot summers, chocolates and anything else prone to melting are better sourced locally.

Jolly Posh Foods

If you need your bangers, some proper bacon, sausage rolls, pasties, etc try Jolly Posh Foods. It's an online butcher / baker service that does them just like home.

World Market

World Market, as the name implies, have things from around the world, including a reasonable selection of British and Irish staples. The supply varies but most of the time you can find the following...

They're handy at Christmas if you need a tub of Quality Street or Heroes.

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market have all sorts of things, but I've mostly found them useful for their deli, cheese, condiments and tea bags.

Sprouts Farmer's Market

Among other things I've found crumpets! They're made in Canada but tasted top notch with butter and a bit of Marmite or slice of cheddar. Speaking of, they usually carry a few British cheeses such as Double Gloucester, Wensleydale, or Red Leicester.

Euro Market

Euro Market have a selection of things, mainly from eastern europe. Worth a visit.

Trader Joes

I've found various microwave Indian meals, naan, and so on at Trader Joes, so if you need a quick Indian fix it'll work. They also have some British cheeses.

Beer & Spirits

The beer situation in Oklahoma has improved a lot better in recent years and you can now find quite a few British and Irish beers at the various liquor stores in the state e.g. Boddingtons, Youngs, Fullers, Wychwood, Samuel Smith, Wells, Moreland, Beamish, Harp, Guinness, Bellhaven, etc.