Brits in Oklahoma


Hello, and thank you for dropping in! My name's Kelv and I'm a Brit who moved to the USA *ahem* years ago. Moving countries being what it is, the need for a cup of tea and a sit down was high on my list, and so began the quest for home comforts, shameless indulgences, so on and so forth from back across the pond. There are certain things a Brit just has to have to survive!

To save some time, here are a few resources for British people and anglophiles alike in the sooner state of Oklahoma, USA. Some of it will be useful whichever state you've landed up in :)

What's here?

After careful consideration I've broken the list up into...

All pretty important stuff, right? Exactly. Well I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to contact me if you hear about stuff not listed and I'll get it added!

Shop Brit Stuff Online

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