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If you have a JVC MiniDV camcorder and have tried to transfer video from it to a Windows PC via the DV cable you may well have found that while you have full control over the camera from the PC, you cannot capture or preview video in Play or Auto/Manual modes.

If the above is the case, the cause of the problem is the chipset on your Firewire card. JVC camcorders seem to be quite picky about what they will talk to.

Here is a list of known good cards...

Card nameChipsetBusNotes
Adaptec FireConnect 4300 Texas Instruments PCI (32bit) The Ti card has a red PCB and Ti logo on the chip. Do not get the green card as it is Agere chipset and does not work with JVC camcorders. Don't be fooled by the revision sticker, as both the Agere and Ti are listed as revision A.
UniBrain Fireboard Blue Ti TSB43AB23 PCI (32bit)

Once you have a card that the JVC is happy with, all software e.g. Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, etc, will behave as expected.

If you find other adapters that work please let me know and I'll add them to the list.


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