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Mozilla Firefox and Real Player

The Linux Real Player 8 browser plugin does not work for systems running gcc 3.x. Here is a hack to get around it which works with both Firefox and Mozilla 1.7.

This example assumes we are trying to make Real Player work with Mozilla Firefox. Real Player has been installed to /usr/lib/RealPlayer8/ and Firefox to /usr/local/firefox.
  1. Download and install Real Player.
  2. Copy raclass.zip into /usr/local/firefox/plugins
  3. Get hold of an old gcc 2.95 version of libgcc.a.
  4. Create a directory called /usr/local/rpnphack
  5. Copy rpnp.so from /usr/lib/RealPlayer8/ to /usr/local/rpnphack
  6. Copy the 2.95 version of libgcc.a into /usr/local/rpnphack
  7. cd /usr/local/rpnphack
  8. ld -shared -o /usr/local/firefox/plugins/rpnphack.so /usr/local/rpnphack/rpnp.so /usr/local/rpnphack/libgcc.a
  9. Start Firefox and type about:plugins in the URL bar. You should see the Real Player module is loaded.
Hopefully you should now have a working Real Player plugin in Mozilla or Firefox. The above works on the following systems.

Firefox 0.9.1RealPlayer 8RedHat 9One of my systems
Firefox 0.9.3RealPlayer 8SuSE 9.1Thanks go to Urs :)
Firefox 0.10.1RealPlayer 10.0.1RedHat 8Thanks go to Leif :)

If the above works for you with another distribution, please let me know so I can add it to this list.