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Kelv's .htaccess/.htpasswd Generator

I created this service to make creating those .htaccess and .htpasswd files easier. I hope it saves you some time!

Apache .htpasswd password file maker

To create a .htpasswd file, enter the username and password you would like to crypt and click Proceed. You can add space for extra username / password spaces with the More and Less buttons.

1. Username Password
Apache .htaccess file maker

To create a .htaccess file enter the full path to the .htpasswd file you wish to use. In most cases you can set this to the folder you wish to apply access controls to (i.e. same place as the .htaccess file you create here).

Path to protect
e.g. To protect http://yoursite/private enter /home/yourusername/www/private.
Resource name
e.g. Admin area or Fred's Secret Area
Note - You don't need to put a / on the end.